Why Us?

In today’s mining sector, quality people are still in demand, so preparation to attract them is imperative for success on the people-side of the project. Developing the nuts and bolts of the HR function does not require we start from square one, as we have past experience to rely upon and the experience to anticipate various issues which can create unneeded effort with no realistic benefits or advantage.

We have a superior ability to recruit all levels of employees at site, regardless of the technical requirements, and can create a people-driven environment which is current, approachable and in control.

A Sampling of Recently Completed Searches

  • VP Exploration
  • CFO
  • Exploration , Resource and Production Geologists
  • Senior Manager Corporate Development
  • Process personnel at technical and senior manager levels
  • Technical Finance Manager (audit and controls)
  • General Manager, Mine Manager, Maintenance Managers
  • VP Environmental and Environmental Manager
  • VP Technical/Engineering
  • Project Managers (2); Base and Precious Metals
  • VP HR and Director Total Compensation
  • Metal Marketing Managers
  • VP Investor Relations
  • Country Manager South America
  • Mining Engineer (Base Metals)
  • President and Chief Executive Officer (Base Metals)

Human Resources Development

Recruitment is important as it is the first point of contact for new employees entering into a new organization, thus established the first impression. We strive to make the process as efficient and effective as possible by standardizing recruitment procedures, moving the process along in a timely manner, and leaving a lasting positive impact on candidates.

Onboarding Process
Onboarding is extremely important for new employees as it sets the tone of their employment with the organization. By properly onboarding new recruits, employees can “break the ice” and become part of the team through specific processes meant to empower employees to own their role, and to treat the organization, and the people in it, as their own.

We develop cultural frameworks focused on results and accountability that have been executed at multiple sites. These frameworks result in above average performance, even on the most difficult assets. Culture is one of the key factors in attracting and retaining quality personnel.

Chancellor Partners knows that in the mining industry, safety is paramount. We strive to incorporate safety-related functions into all of our HR programs in order to have safety permeate every aspect of an organizations operations.

Retention is the keystone to any high quality Human Resources Plan. What benefits do great employees provide when you can’t keep them within the organization? Our approach to retention builds commitment from employees by creating programs that make staying with the organizing for the long term as attractive as possible.